Scanner Access Now Easy

Modified Backend for Nikon Coolscan scanners

This software is a modified version Didier Carliers original coolscan backend. It implements a SANE backend that provides access to the following scanners (not all features are supported yet - see below):

Nameother NamedpiColor modes remarks
Nikon LS-20 Coolscan II 2700 24-Bit RGB has been replaced by the LS-30 Nikon
Nikon LS-1000 - 2700 30-Bit RGB? has been replaced by the LS-2000 Nikon
Nikon LS-30 Coolscan III 2700 24/30-Bit RGB / 32/40-Bit RGBI dust-removal by infrared Nikon LS-30
Nikon LS-2000 Super Coolscan 2000 2700 24/36-Bit RGB / 32/40-Bit RGBI dust-removal by infrared / multiscanNikon LS-2000

Consider this driver to be ALPHA. Nevertheless the following features are already implemented and have worked for me (and others) at least partially:

New Features of version 0.4.3:

New Features of version 0.4.2:

Implemented Features:


The moment when to do the autofocus is an advanced option. Use (Preferences->Show advanced options in xscanimage/xsane) to make them show. For now the default is "never" as the autofocus command causes system crashes on some systems with some SCSI-cards and drivers. See Autofocus Problem.
neverdon't do any autofocussingall images are unsharp/scan time is quick
before previewdo autofocus before previewneed to do preview pefore every slide to get it sharp
before scando autofocus before scancan do many scans without preview, but preview is unsharp
before preview and scando autofocus both before preview and before scanyou are waiting a long time on the autofocus

Current limitations (see also Future plans)

Future plans (in this order)


The latest snapshot of the backend (version 0.4.3) is available here (shift-click): sanepatch_coolscan043 (77kB)
If you prefer sane-1.0.2 with the patch applied look here: sane-1.0.2_coolscan043.tgz (1MB)
For historic interest, here is a link to the previous version: coolscan042.tgz coolscan041.tgz


The installation has changed. It is now a standard patch to sane version 1.0.2 (also works with v 1.0.1) To use it untar the sane distribution sane-1.0.2.tar.gz, change to that directory and apply the patch:

patch -Np1 < sanepatch_coolscan043

Configure, make and install sane as usual.

Drop me a line to tell me how it went!

Reporting problems / success

Either drop me a mail (, or subscribe to the SANE mailing list ( and post a description of your problem there.

Thanks to

  • Didier Carlier - For writing the original Coolscan backend (without it I would not have started this)
  • Oliver.Rauch - For adapting xsane so quickly to the infrared stuff
  • Hamrick Software for writing vuescan
  • David Fox for the Log files for the LS-2000
  • All the people that send me feed-back
  • All the people the have made SANE a reality
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